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The ultimate guide to growing happy plants!

Houseplant Care Cards are a boxed gift set containing 35 cards packed full of advice and tips for botanical success indoors. Learn the basics: 

Water: How and when to water your plants. 

Light: Where to locate your plants. 

Root Rot: What is it and how to prevent it. 

Humidity: Creating the perfect environment. 

Repotting: Top tips to master.

Unhappy Plant? These care cards will help identify problems for specific plants and suggest ways to treat the issue.


Dimensions: 130h x 98 x 27mm Weight: 220 grams

Contents: Boxed gift set featuring, 32 popular houseplants care guides+ 3 cards featuring essential basic advice.

Material: Paperboard

Houseplant Care Cards

SKU: 7960688
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