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All natural and hand-polished tumbled bracelets! Mines in Brazil have been verified to conduct sustainable mining practices and offer an ethical and humane work environment for their miners.


Green Aventurine: Is connected to one’s heart chakra. Those who have been looking for a little bit of luck should carry this stone. This crystal is known for its amazing ability to manifest prosperity and wealth to its users. Green Aventurine can also be a great way to bring growth into one’s life as it can help one break old habits and soothe hard, emotional wounds. It also helps to stimulate cell repair and keeps its user in good health.


Tigers Eye: Very helpful in clearing blockage connected to the sacral, root, and solar plexus chakras. Like many other crystals, Tiger’s Eye helps one balance energy and provides stability to its user. Known as the empowerment stone, it can help attract abundance and bring good fortune. This stone is particularly good for those who need to make important life and business decisions as it unblocks the flow of success. Physically, this stone is great for balancing one’s hormones. It can also be a great stone for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder as its warmth can lift one’s mood on days that are dark and cold.


Rose Quartz: Regarded as the love stone. It is very powerful at getting rid of anger and opens the heart to love and compassion. Those looking to unblock their heart chakra may find this crystal extremely useful. Rose quartz can help boost one’s self-confidence, deepen personal relationships, and help connect to the goddess's energy. This crystal is also very helpful in ensuring a good pregnancy as well as helping improve heart health and circulation. It can also be very important when it comes to healing one’s emotional wounds.

Crystal Bracelet

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