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The Hoya carnosa, or wax plant as it is often called, is a climbing or trailing member of the milkweed family. The Hoya 'Krimson Princess' is an especially beautiful variety. As if its waxy, green and white leaves weren't enough to make you fall in love, this plant produces pink vines with fully white leaves. These white leaves can sometimes even have a pink undertone! This plant blooms seasonally with a tight round cluster of white flowers. Each tiny flower making up the entire bloom has a star-shaped, red corona which provides a very dramatic affect.
This plant thrives in very bright, filtered or indirect light. Avoid direct sun as well as low to medium light. Good light is necessary for flower production. Do not rotate or move plant once flower buds form.

8" Hoya carnosa 'Krimson Princess' (Hanging Basket)

SKU: 8hanghoya
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